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15 Things I learned in Israel| Art Sumo

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15 Things I learned in Israel

posted by Naysawn Naderi | filed under Personal |

For the last month I have been traveling around the middle east. My journey has gone from Lebanon -> Israel -> Turkey. Each place has been really unique and wonderful in its own particular way. As I have gone along, I've found various things interesting, shocking and curious. Below are 15 things that I learned in Israel.

1. Anything that can be put in a pita, should be put in a pita.

2. The right way to eat a pomegranate is through a straw

Making pomegranate juice on the streets of Acca

3.Hummus isn't hummus, unless it is said with a "hue" that uses all of the mucous in your body and a force that slightly knocks you off of your feet

4.It's perfectly fine to hold an assault rifle and your girl friend's hand at the same time. In fact, in the israeli army, it's encouraged.

5.Israeli security rate how much they love you on a scale of 1-10. If they really love you, they feel you up and then ask you to drop your pants. Not sure how I learned this.

6.If you have curly hair, tights = pants

7.You can be muslim or christian in a jewish state so long as your family has been making falafel or kabobs for centuries

palestinians making kabobs in jerusalem

Palestinians making kabobs in Jerusalem

8.Mohammed, Christ and Mosses all attended Jerusalem elementary.

9.Haifa = Baha'i capital, Jerusalem = Jewish capital, Tel Aviv = foodie capital

10.The Lebanese and Israelis have a lot in common (including being very entrepreneurial and loving a good shawarma) , it's a shame everyday citizens don't interact to realize this

11.True Baha'is are a really an awesome bunch and come from every corner of the earth. True Baha'is are abundant in Haifa.

My pilgrimage group

My pilgrimage group in Haifa. People were literally from all over the world

12. Much Baha'i construction in Haifa and Acca remains, including: A super structure over the mansion of Bahji and the Shrine of Baha'u'llah, the Baha'i library (which will be the largest building on the arc), the shrine of Abdu'l-Baha and a Baha'i temple

13.The Guardian of the Faith was hardcore. It's mind boggling how he coordinated the construction of so many Baha'i sites while translating so many texts, writing books and letters in perfect english, greeting pilgrims, dealing with betrayal from his own family, and coordinating the expansion of the Faith all over the world. What an example of hard work and dedication.

14.One of the most sacred shrines in the world and the best chai on the planet are a stone's throw away from each other

Tea at doozane in Haifa

The chai at doozane is incredible. Never had anything like it

15.Couchsurfing can either be an amazing or really weird experience. Pick your host wisely.

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