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An Interview with Javier Santamaria| Art Sumo

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An Interview with Javier Santamaria

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After selling many of his paintings last week, and receiving very enthusiastic feedback from customers, Artsumo decided to interview Colombian artist Javier Santamaria. We asked him to share with us some of his inspirations, and his thoughts about being an artist.

Javier Santamaria is a visual artist based in Bogotá, Colombia. He works mainly with painting and digital media. Through his academic studies he obtained a knowledge of classical and contemporary painting, mixed media, airbrush, graphic art, and photography. Santamaria has exhibited his works in various group shows in Colombia, as well as in many solo shows, beginning in 2007, at Kether Worldwide in Bogotá.

Art Sumo's interview with Javier:

At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

Javier: Throughout my life I always enjoyed building with different materials, including clay and wood. I studied industrial design, and realized I would have to have good manual labor skills, and finally, I decided to begin a career in the visual arts.

What inspires you?

Javier: My experiences as a human being, my journey in life, and my own personal evolution really inspire me and my artistic creations.

Who are your favorite artists?

Javier: Barceló, Tŕpies, Saberon, and all futurist artists.

 I really admire them and their innovations.

What are the biggest struggles as an artist?

Javier: Being persistent, constantly producing work, and the financial torture that plagues artists are major struggles.

How did you learn to start painting?

Javier: In the academy, and also on my own. I learnt formally but also on my own, which was important.

What struggles do artists face, specific to Colombia?

Javier: Financial torture - even if you have additional work, you nevertheless need to continue to produce artwork, which can be very tough when on a financial budget.

How did you develop your style?

Javier: Through my imagination. I admire the future, along with futurist artists, and I try to develop work from there which is dynamic in terms of composition, and also innovative and particular to my own style.

What makes the art scene in Colombia different from other countries?

Javier: Our desire to give our best in the field and our strong traditions permeate many fields of art. There is much diversity in art, from street art to traditional and classical art. Colombia is very diverse in terms of the visual arts.

Would you ever give up painting?

No, it’s my passion, but sometimes I have to find additional work as well, but I would never give up painting.

An example of Javier's work, Guardians, which Artsumo featured:


Another painting of Javier's which we featured, Within:


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