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Sao Paulo, Brazil: A Town Covered in Art| Art Sumo

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Sao Paulo, Brazil: A Town Covered in Art

posted by Naysawn Naderi | filed under Cool Art Finds |

A few months ago, I found myself in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I totally fell in love with the country, and I'm still not sure why I haven't decided to live there. How can one not become enamored eating like a king (Brazilian Churrascarias give you a diagram of the cow and ask you to pick your own slab!), getting whiplash from having my eyes drawn in every direction leaving the hotel, all while listening to the sounds of samba?

In addition to all this loveliness, I was blown away by the amount of art on display everywhere in town. It seems that Brazilians have really taken to graffiti art and any spare section of wall is covered with something gorgeous sprayed on. My Brazilian friends explained that the government regularly plans to cover them with art since there is generally an agreement that if it is already painted on, no local hell raisers will seek to tag their names on it.

Here is a typical intersection:

We found a gem a short walk away from where we were staying that I just had to share with you. This is one alleyway that is literally covered, wall to wall, with really cool and colorful art.

Here is a sampling of the alley:

Note: On this last one, the Portuguese phrase "ordem e progresso" (order and progress) is upside down.

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