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Samuel Darko Ghana

About the Artist

Samuel has been painting professionally for 15 years, though he is only 32 years old. Samuel resides in Accra, Ghana, and like many in his community, he and his entire family support themselves through painting. Samuel hails from the Ashanti culture, a proud, strong people historically known as brave warriors; Samuel’s multidimensional creations depict his rich cultural heritage. He prefers using rich, vibrant colors derived from the palette of nature. Samuel’s creations often include lush greens, earthy browns and the many colors of the setting sun. He also ingeniously creates an illusion of depth by layering the subjects in his paintings, while using black and white to accentuate features. Samuel’s subject matter often evolves around Ashanti costumes, which includes the tribal masks worn by the Ashanti tribe during ceremonies and rituals.

Paintings by Samuel Darko

Ghana - Ashanti Masks #1
Ghana - Ashanti Masks #2