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Free as a Bird | Art from Indonesia | Art Sumo

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24 in x 32 in | unframed | Oil on Canvas

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Free as a Bird

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This painting depicts two parrots perched on a branch. Although dwindling in population due to deforestation and threats of poaching, Indonesian parrots can still be found in the wild. Here two Balinese parrots are shown, in their natural habitat, free as two birds should be.

Artist: I Nyoman Pasek

I Nyoman Pasek is a true master of color and style, as well as a compulsive painter. Much of his work he refuses to sell, as he has deep and passionate ties to each canvas, some of which cover rooms like wallpaper, and are sadly sun-bleached and nibbled by mice. He and his wife live in a small room behind the studio in an unfinished apartment building with a missing wall, allowing them to lookout over a slice of the magnificent old-growth of Ubut, Bali. Here the artisan spends his days wrapped in traditional batik sarong, with the sound of cicadas and birds coming directly into his studio home. Though by no means well off, I Nyoman Pasek has the inspired glow of a holy man, who is clearly inspired by more than just financial incentives to create his work.

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