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12 in x 30 in | unframed | Oil

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This textured painting depicts the 'joie de vivre' that comes from experiencing a melodious tune. Singing and dancing are traditionally a huge part of Haitian living, and become even more pronounced during their carnaval season, in late January. During carnaval, millions of Haitians can be heard celebrating to overwhelming rhythms in blinding lights and colors.

Artist: Jean Louis

Jean Louis is 39 years old and lives in Petion-Ville, Haiti. In 2010, Jean Louis lost his home, along with one million other Haitians when a 7.0 earthquake shook the small island. Always an optimist, Jean Louis tries to see the good throughout life, and explains that he is happy for the little he currently has. He strives to provide for his wife and two children by selling his paintings to passerbys on the road in Port-au-Prince.

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