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10 in x 23 in | unframed | Acrylic on Canvas

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Woman at Work

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In this painting, Mathle portrays a women walking from the local well back to her home to prepare dinner for her family. The bucket atop her head is a gourd, carefully carved into a bowl and commonly used as water carriers because of their impenetrable exterior. In Ghana, a women's stomach is considered to be her most seductive body part, and thus the woman pictured here is painted with her beauty and allure in mind.

Artist: Mathle Semana

Mathle Semana is a Ghanaian artist who has been painting for the last 12 years. Though Mathle started painting from a young age, she formally studied art and design in Accra for three years prior to exhibiting throughout Ghana. Mathle is married with one daughter and currently resides in Accra, Ghana.

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