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The Festival of Lights | Art from Ghana | Art Sumo

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Original Sold for $101

28 in x 9 in | unframed | Oil on Canvas

price drops $3.00 per hour

The Festival of Lights

list price: $450 | Discount: 78% | Views: 3622

This unique painting depicts a drumming ceremony that is traditionally held at the end of the year in northern Ghana. People gather at these ceremonies to drum together, all dressed in traditional garb. Their outfits are colorful, flowing and vibrant. The music of the drums makes a joyful rhythm, the essence of which is uniquely captured in this culturally important piece. The customary headdresses and bright garments celebrate the season as the drumming helps unite the people during this important celebration of life. The bold strokes of the artist's brush give the viewer a sense of the passion and energy of the dance.

Artist: Joseph King Murnazi

Joseph and his family come from the northern region of Ghana, and as his name suggests, is linked to tribal royalty. Joseph's tribe has a long history, and regularly organizes a number of festivals throughout the year including the "festival of lights." While Joseph's tribe is known for handmade crafts, his family is known for painting, and it was through his father's instruction that Joe learned to paint. While his father specializes in intricate portraits, Joseph prefers to depict people engaged in craft and in celebration. He aims to create excitement and movement in his paintings, in part, by choosing pastels combined with bold, bright colors.

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