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Fresh from the Market | Art from Ghana | Art Sumo

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$165 only 1 available

9 in x 24 in | rolled painting in tube

money back guarantee | Oil on Canvas

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Fresh from the Market

list price: $300 | Discount: 45% | Views: 2700

Painted on a vibrant rainbow-colored background, this painting is a tribute to Herri's mother and celebrates the beauty found in the simple daily tasks that we juggle to sustain in life.

The painting shows his mother on her on her way home from the market, carrying Harri, as a child, on her back, while balancing a platter of fresh fish on her head. Upon reaching home, she will prepare a meal of fresh fish for her family while juggling numerous other affairs around the house.

Artist: Herri Akotua

Herri is a Ghanaian artist who has been creating paintings for sale for the last 8 years. Although Herri never attended any formal school to specialize in color, art history and the like, Herri took to painting and etchings from a young age. This active interest in art caused him to reach out to a master painting close to Herri's family, Nash, who taught Herri to paint what he sees and to strive to go with his gut when creating something new. Herri has been living in Accra for the last 14 years and is a proud father of a two year old girl.

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