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Aguaba (Welcome) | Art from Ghana | Art Sumo

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Original Sold for $350

15 in x 26 in | unframed | Oil on Canvas

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Aguaba (Welcome)

list price: $500 | Discount: 30% | Views: 2820

Aguaba means "Welcome," in Ghana because when somebody comes to visit, it is customary for them to be greeted with a drink of water. In this painting, a young child drinks her welcome from a calabash, or bottle gourd, which is regionally cultivated for the holding and carrying of water. She is clearly very pleased with the practical expression of care for her needs after making this trip to see her neighbors, engendering a sense of strong social ties and reciprocal compassion towards others. With its incredible use of visual contrast and skillful capturing of the child's spirit, this painting will easily become a conversational piece, bestirring a warmth of emotion as only the concern and innocence of a child can do, and the black and white palette will make a striking and attractive addition to any aesthetic style.

Artist: Eman Saman

Eman is a 23-year-old artist from Aburi, a village near Accra, Ghana, that is best-known for being home to the serene and inspiring Aburi Botanical Gardens. Eman has been painting for the last six years, specializing in works that depict touching portraits of village life with a high level of quality and sensitivity that clearly shows he has truly mastered his art. Each stunning piece he produces is sure to add an elegant touch of grace and sophistication to nearly any collection or decor. Moreover, he also succeeds in drawing out the regal qualities and compassion of his people in such a positive, yet realistic, manner; as aspect where many Western artists cannot compare. His work speaks for itself in saying that painting is not only a profession, but also a passion, which he undertakes with such seriousness, talent, and commitment, that great things can be expected from him for years to come.

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