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A Godsend | Art from Ecuador | Art Sumo

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Original Sold for $225

24 in x 18 in | unframed | Oil on Canvas

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A Godsend

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This piece is an allegory for the city of Cuenca. Apples are chief export of this region, and many consider it as a Godsend. Hence, the artist chose to represent them as if they were floating down from the sky. The style of the painting reflects the artistís study with the late Gonzalo Endara Crow, one of Ecuadorís world renowned artists.

Artist: Cesar Mejia

Born on the 27th of July, 1960, Cesar Mejia Alquinga demonstrated great interest in painting from a young age. His natural ability coupled with his desire to learn led him to become a student and associate of the world renowned Gonzalo Endara Crow. Throughout his career he has always lived in his and Endaraís hometown of La Merced, while exploring and excelling in different styles of painting. It is often said that his work summarizes the positive characteristics of Ecuadorian art, and this has led him to have his work featured in numerous local galleries.

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